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about us

Earnxelite is a rich trading experience, multiplied by favorable conditions for clients. With us you can not only earn, but also create passive income for yourself.

Earnxelite is a new trading company, but we have been working with investments for a long time. The creators became interested in the cryptocurrency market at the dawn of its creation. We followed the growth of bitcoin, watched the emergence of its alternatives, so we know exactly which coins are promising and which ones are doomed to fail. We know how to form the right investment strategy that makes a profit. The goal of the company is to share this knowledge with others so that our investors can also make profits and generate passive income.

We have a big team. Experienced traders study the market, watch the rise and fall of currencies. They determine when to buy new assets, when to sell, and when to go into the shadows and wait for a better state of affairs. Administrators advise users on the company's work, answer questions, and solve problems.

We invested a large budget and created a profitable and user-friendly project, invited the best traders to make investors profit.

We specialize in making money on the financial markets. Such targeted work allows us to develop in one area, becoming professionals in the cryptocurrency market.

We have a lot of trading knowledge and rich experience. Our investment pays off and makes a profit. Become a part of the Earnxelite universe, invite your friends and shape your happy future!


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Earnxelite is an individual approach to each client. We offer a unique investment scheme and flexible profile customization according to the user's needs.

Join us - here you will definitely find what you need. Create an account and explore the platform's capabilities.

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We are a legal company with an investment license. It is important for us that customers trust us, so all work is done officially.

You can view our permits and certificates.

We also have an office created specifically for our clients, where you can come and ask any questions to the company's employees.

Officially registered company

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Create an account on the site. There you can conduct transactions, view statistics and profits.


Creating an investment plan

For trading to be successful, you need to develop an investment scheme. Our experts will help you with this.



Invest money following your plan. If you have any questions, technical support will be in touch.


Receiving income

A pleasant stage is the payment of profit. To increase the amount, become a part of the referral program.